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Chuck Roberts (David Love) in Teenagers from Outer Space
Chuck in Teenagers From Outer Space

Chuck Roberts in The Orange Coast College Story
Chuck in The Orange Coast College Story


Derek is the hero of Teenagers from Outer Space, destined to sacrifice himself to save humanity from alien invaders. Along his perilous journey he's pursued by the relentless Thor and falls in love with headstrong Earth girl Betty.

David Love was born Charles Robert Kaltenthaler in 1934. As a young man, shortening his name to Chuck Roberts, he attended Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. Recruited to star in a short promotional film for the school in 1954 (The Orange Coast College Story), Chuck became close with the director, Tom Graeff. They became intimate over the years and after Chuck's graduation the two moved in to a small apartment in the Hollywood area, where they worked on a number of film projects, including short film called Island Sunset.

In 1957 Chuck starred in Tom's second feature length film, Teenagers from Outer Space, under the pseudonym David Love. Well before Teenagers failed at the box office, the two went their separate ways, in part due to and causing Tom's mental breakdown.

Chuck disappeared for the most part since his parting from Tom, and has kept quiet about his part in the film. His family hasn't seen or heard from him since 1962.

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