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Short Film: The Orange Coast College Story

Color/Length: Color, 20 minutes.
Release: April 29, 1954, Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa.
Starring: Glenn Kaminsky, Chuck Roberts, Donna Schleining, Leslie Koivisto, with voice over narration by Vincent Price.

Plot Summary: A PSA and promotional film for Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA that chronicles all the wonderful activities available to students at OCC.

Tom Connection: Tom's family was living in Costa Mesa at the time he made OCCS. Likely on the strength of his UCLA film Toast To Our Brother, Tom was hired by the local college to create a piece that could be shown on campus and at promotional fairs to entice new students. Like his previous film, Tom sought out the participation of a "name" actor, in this case Vincent Price, to lend some gravitas to the project. The production of the film was overseen by Dr. Norman Watson, who passed away in 2008.

Film Availability: 1 print is known in good condition, has been digitized but is not publicly available.

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