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Ursula Pearson
Ursula in Teenagers From Outer Space.


Hilda acts as secretary to college professor Simpson. She initially meets Betty and Derek when they inquire about the professor. They meet again when they find professor skeletonized in his office.

URSULA GADISCHKE was born in Berlin, Germany in 1929. As a young girl she was caught up in Hitler's rise to power, with her father and brother fighting for the Nazi army. As a teenager after the war, Ursula realized the horrors of what the Nazis had done, and after dating a few American GIs, she left Germany to work in the United States. In the 1950's she married British actor Bryan Pearson, and they moved to Los Angeles.

In 1956 they became involved in the production of the film Teenagers from Outer Space, which Bryan produced and in which she had a bit part as Hilda, a secretary (under the name Ursula Hansen). When the film was sold to Warner Brothers, Bryan and Ursula sued for their rightful share of the profits, but were only awarded a mere $5,000; their original investment. The Pearsons had two children but eventually divorced in the 1970's. Ursula remarried and moved to Oxnard, California. In 2003 she penned a memoir of her time in Nazi Germany. She passed away in fall of 2006.

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