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Short Film: Toast To Our Brother

Color/Length: Color, 20 minutes.
Release: December 18, 1951, Fox Theatre, Los Angeles.
Starring: Tom Graeff, Judith Ames, Joe E. Brown

Plot Summary: A salute to the brothers of the Delta Chi Fraternity at UCLA, as they induct new pledges and teach them about Fraternity life.

Tom Connection: Tom's first short film was made during a low point in Tom's academic career. With failing grades in some classes, Tom arranged to make the film in order to graduate from the Theater Arts program at UCLA. It was made with the help of his fellow fraternity brothers and cinematographer Austin McKinney. The film was shot in the fall and released in 1951 at the Fox Theatre in Westwood, near the UCLA campus. Tom was allowed to graduate in Spring of 1952.

Film Availability: 3 prints are known and in good condition, 1 print has been digitized but is not publicly available.

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