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Sonia Torgeson
Sonia in Teenagers From Outer Space.

"alice woodward"

Alice Woodward is Betty Morgan's saucy girl friend. Alice invites her friends over when her parents are out of town for the weekend, but gets more than she bargained for when Thor shows up looking for Derek...

SONIA MAY TORGESON was born in Kimball County, Nebraska, where her father was a well-known attorney. She was very active in high school drama, often stealing the limelight from other students. She left school after three years to move to New York City where she pursued a career on Broadway. In 1954 she was cast in a small role in the show Ondine, which won 4 Tonys, including best actress for Audrey Hepburn.

By 1956 Sonia was in Los Angeles looking for parts in film and television. She landed her first role as "Julia Hurstwood" in a flashback sequence on an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. The next year Sonia received her first speaking role in the film Teenagers from Outer Space, playing vixen Alice Woodward. However that film wasn't to be released until 1959, and in the meantime film audiences were introduced to Sonia through the B film Daddy-O (1958).

Sonia left Hollywood in the early 60's. She travelled the world, teaching English in Spain for a few years, before returning to the States. She lived in Cheyenne with an aunt, only returning to Nebraska for a short time when her father passed away. Sonia died in 1993.

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