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1243 in 2007.

The home in Teenagers from Outer Space, 1957.

The house at 1243 Las Palmas Avenue, between Fountain & Lexington Avenues, is a private residence with an adjoining apartment complex in the rear. While the house itself started life as quaint and cozy, the degredation of the surrounding neighborhood from pleasant faux-suburb to rundown city block has had negative effects on the now window-barred house. A large gate has been erected separating the home from the street, and a number of reductions have been made on the overall structure, including the removal of the porch and stoop. In addition, the facade has also been painted mauve.

Role in Teenagers: The Las Palmas home was used as that of Betty Morgan and her Grandpa, and is a meeting point for characters throughout the film. When the film was in production, the house was owned by an elderly woman who allowed the cast and crew to film there under the impression that they were students at UCLA. In fact Tom Graeff had graduated five years previously. He and partner Chuck Roberts were renting one of the small apartments in the rear complex, and saw the home as an easy location.

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