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King Moody in Teenagers from Outer Space
King in Teenagers From Outer Space

King Moody as Shtarker in Get Smart
As Shtarker in Get Smart.

Watch a clip of King Moody on Get Smart episode "Anatomy of a Lover", originally aired September 17, 1966.


Sturdy and driven on his mission, the Captain commands a crew of spacemen in search for a suitable planet on which to harvest a herd of Gargon.

King Moody was born in New York City, and how he ended up in California is unknown. Unlike the other cast members of Teenagers, he had never acted in film or television before, but was a constant performer in Los Angeles, appearing for more than a dozen years in both "The Wayward Drunk" and with a group he co-founded, Instant Theater.

After appearing in Teenagers, King Moody had a successful television career through the 1990's, appearing on almost 50 different shows. He had three appearances each on Combat!, Bonanza, and Dragnet, and played the re-occuring character of Shtarker on Get Smart.

In addition to his numerous television roles, he was also featured in advertisements for McDonalds as Ronald McDonald for almost a decade between the late sixties and late seventies. Retiring in the late 90s, King Moody passed away in 2001.

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