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Hollywood High, 2007.

Hollywood High in Teenagers from Outer Space, 1957.

Hollywood High School is a public high school for grades nine through twelve in the Los Angeles Unified School District. It stands out as a true school of the stars, with over 500 notable alums, including Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Fay Wray, Joel McCrea, John Huston, Chuck Jones, Alan Ladd, and hundreds more.

Situated at the corner of Sunset and Highland in Hollywood, the building covers the entirety of one half city block. Interestingly, the school's façade hasn't changed much over the years, and it looks identical to the way it was when Teenagers from Outer Space filmed there in 1957. While some classrooms and offices have been moved around since then, it's still possible to find the exact film locations with relative ease.

Role in Teenagers: Hollywood High served as "the college" in Teenagersí fictional town. Betty Morgan takes Derek there to seek the help of science professor Simpson, who meets an untimely end before theyíre able to reach him.

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