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Harvey B. Dunn in Teenagers from Outer Space
Harvey in Teenagers From Outer Space.

"grandpa morgan"

Thor, an ambitious spaceman, is bent on killing Derek for betraying their society. When Derek escapes in an effort to warn humanity of their destruction, Thor volunteers stop him.

HARVEY B. DUNN was born in South Dakota in 1894. According to the New York Times, Dunn began his career as a radio announcer on WALB radio in Albany, Georgia, and WFLB in Fayetteville, North Carolina. A performer of all trades, he acted in straight theater in Chicago for a number of years before heading out to California. While Dunn mostly found work as an extra on studio pictures like Sabrina, he also starred or co-starred in a number of low-budget features, including Ed Wood Jr's Bride of the Monster. It was in this film that Dunn showcased his trained pet parrot -- an apparent sidekick of his in a side career of entertaining at children's parties.

In 1956, Dunn was cast as Grandpa Morgan in Teenagers from Outer Space, arguably his more memorable role. After completing work on the film, he continued to perform in television and film until his death in 1968.

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