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Bryan Pearson (Bryan Grant) in Teenagers from Outer Space
Bryan in Teenagers From Outer Space.

Bryan Pearson today
Bryan in 2006.


Thor, an ambitious spaceman, is bent on killing Derek for betraying their society. When Derek escapes in an effort to warn humanity of their destruction, Thor volunteers stop him.

BRYAN G PEARSON was born in Britain, where he acted for many years before moving to the United States in the 1950's. He was one of the original performers on BBC's Kaleidoscope, of which, due to its live broadcast, no recordings survive. Bryan also acted on a number of other BBC programs until Hollywood beckoned, and he and his wife, Ursula, moved to Los Angeles.

Soon after arriving they answered an ad in Daily Variety seeking producers for an upcoming feature film. Jumping at a chance he couldn't refuse, Bryan agreed to produce the film, Teenagers from Outer Space, in return for the role of the villainous Thor, which he played under the name of 'Bryan Grant.' When the film flopped, Bryan and Ursula sued Tom Graeff to reclaim their investment , hearing that he sold the film to Warner Brothers. After a long battle, the couple was awarded only their original investment of $5,000. Bryan, turned off to acting by the lawsuit and difficulty of making bank in Hollywood, worked on a few television episodes before quitting for good.

The Pearsons had two children, however they eventually divorced. Bryan relocated to Hawaii where he has lived for more than three decades, working in real estate.

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