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Bronson Canyon, 2007.

Bronson Canyon in Teenagers from Outer Space, 1957.

Bronson Canyon is a section of Los Angeles' Griffith Park. Originally named Brush Canyon, the area was originally a quarry, with rocks being excavated from 1903 through the 1920's. Eventually the quarry was no longer needed, and the caves remaining from excavation were left open, later named the Bronson Caves.

Dozens of films, television shows, and serials were shot in the caves due to their picturesque and unique location, including many westerns and sci-fi flicks of the 40's through 60's.

Role in Teenagers: Bronson Canyon is the location of the alien landings at the beginning and end of the film. The caves nearby cage the growing gargon specimen, who manages to break free after devouring a curious policeman. Interestingly enough, the flying saucer built for the film was abandoned only a little ways away from the area, and was stumbled upon by Gloria Swanson in the middle of the night. It took a few days before the ship's mysterious origin was traced back to Tom Graeff and his crew.

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