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The Blessed Sacrament School, 2007.

Blessed Sacrament in Teenagers from Outer Space, 1957.

The Church of the Blessed Sacrament was founded the same year as its neighbor Hollywood High School, in 1903. Over its years it moved many times to meet the growing needs of its parishioners, until its permanent home on Sunset and Selma was built in 1927.

When film came finally to Hollywood, the poverty of the church became a thing of the past, and the growing number of local residents quickly wore out the churchÝs capacity. However the church was able to garner expansion funds through film ties; many of the parishioners were actors, and filmmakers came to the church seeking authenticity for their films. According to the Blessed Sacrament website, ýthe first professional organization for screen writers and actors - the precursor to the Writers' and Screen Actors' Guilds - was formed at the church.

In 1923, ground was broken for the Blessed Sacrament School on Sunset and Cherokee, while services were still held at the old church on Hollywood Boulevard.

Role in Teenagers: the Blessed Sacrament School doubles as the city hall where Thor engages in a shootout with police. Graeff uses careful camerawork to (mostly) shoot around the religious inscriptions adorning the building's fašade.

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