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Saul is one of the spacemen who accompany Derek and Thor on their mission to locate grazing land for the aliens' Gargon herd. While Saul becomes distracted by another crew member, Morrow, and Thor eavesdrops on the Captains conversation with the Leader, Derek is able to escape and flee into the nearby town ...

Bill DeLand may have grown up in California, but his acting career started in Philidelphia. While stationed in Pennsylvania during a stay in the Navy in the 50's, Bill was able to pursue different hobbies and pastimes when he wasn't on duty. He performed in a number of local theatre shows, whetting his appetite to film acting.After his service was up, Bill returned to California where he taught at Hollywood High School, and during his spare time he began to take acting classes at a Hollywood playhouse. It was through his acting class that he heard about a few parts available for a film called Teenagers from Outer Space.

The shoot took a mere day to complete, and Bill never interacted with most of the cast, whom he only met at the cast/crew premiere of the film in a Hollywood theatre in 1957. He never has never listed the film on any professional resume.

After Teenagers, Bill pursued acting in his spare time, appearing in a handful of television shows and made for TV movies. He is now retired and living in Laguna Beach.

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